What goes around comes around

The democratization of photography has gone hand-in-hand with the advent of the devices used to allow for the ubiquitous production of images that speak to an individuals’ interaction and engagement with the world around them. From the Kodak Instamatic, to the Polaroid Land Camera, to the digital point and shoot, to the iPhone (mobile device) […]

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The joy of academic life

I have now been an academic staff member at USQ for some 12 years and have worked in Higher Education for some 23 years, so I suspect I can now reflect, to some degree, as to the virtues or otherwise of such a ‘privileged’ position.  The notion that an academic is a person cloistered in […]

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My images and their roots

I studied photography in Melbourne in the late 1970’s and early 80’s under the tutelage of the late Athol Smith (1914-1990) and John Cato (1926-2011). At this time, and subsequently, I undertook extensive studied in the fine arts.  It is from and through the ongoing study of these two disciplines that I now draw some […]

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My Values

I have been giving some thought to the types of values that I like to hold dear.  This will be a list that, i assume, will be added to over time, but to start with i would like to be a person who is: Fun-loving Reliable Likeable Passionate Enthusiastic Energetic Authentic Irreligious Unpretentious Unprejudiced Decent

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The path of least resistance

When recently in Canberra I visited the Australian National University (ANU) to meet  with a colleague and discuss the Moodle LMS upgrade we (USQ) are currently undertaking. Interesting though that was, albeit just run-of-the-mill stuff, one has to keep ones eyes open for the quirky stuff going on around you, for sometimes you come across […]

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Recent trip to Canberra

I recently spent a week in the National Capital, bumming around the galleries and sights. I had a great time. I accompanied Kim while she was attending a week long workshop at ANU. It was the third of three weeks of a well earned rest before facing a new job and new management structure at […]

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The two of us

The two of us

In September, Kim and I went to Lord Howe Island for a week, over the time of our thirtieth wedding anniversary. it was just the best time ever. we walked, rode, swam and enjoyed everything we did. What joy to be there with the love of my life.

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