Discovering further horizons

I was recently challenged in my thinking when we had a guest speaker come to USQ who said (words to the effect of), we could talk about the future and plan for the future, but in reality we cannot see more than 2 years ahead with any certainty. I thought, that’s a bit depressing, what about my dreams, am I just wasting my time then? Then I realised he was not talking about planning for the future as such, but more-so that we could actually ‘know’ with confidence what would eventuate.

This reminded me of an image I created last year that I put up on Instagram, that I think is worth dwelling on for a couple of minutes.


I know, because I know that there is more to this world than meets the eye of my mind, but I can’t necessarily see it right now, apart from the spiritual (which I will not deal with here). And because I also have Google maps on my phone, with satellite views 🙂 I can see my current horizon and I can see the things I need to do to get to that horizon, and I can plan out the roads I need to take to reach that horizon. But is that horizon all there is? Does my journey end there? Of course not. I know that once I reach that horizon there will be another one ahead of me. Will it be as pretty? Who knows. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that I am want to get to see that next horizon, and the next one and the next one, as I am on the way to my fullfilling dreams.

So sure, it may take me two years to get to that horizon, but that’s cool, I got there, and I’m two years closer to achieving my dream. But what happens if I don’t take the journey to the next horizon? Well, I suppose I would just have to be content with the view I currently have before me (which also looks very nice).

But i’m a curious sort, so i’m heading for that horizon, to see what next 🙂


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