Putting the pedagogic horse in front of the technology cart

Michael Sankey, Learning Futures, Griffith University This article was originally published in Chinese, as a peer reviewed article in the Journal of Distance Education in China. Citation: Sankey, M. (2020). Putting the pedagogic horse in front of the technology cart. Journal of Distance Education in China. 5, pp .46-53. DOI:10.13541/j.cnki.chinade.2020.05.006 Both the original Chinese version and an English […]

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Discovering further horizons

I was recently challenged in my thinking when we had a guest speaker come to USQ who said (words to the effect of), we could talk about the future and plan for the future, but in reality we cannot see more than 2 years ahead with any certainty. I thought, that’s a bit depressing, what about […]

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What goes around comes around

The democratization of photography has gone hand-in-hand with the advent of the devices used to allow for the ubiquitous production of images that speak to an individuals’ interaction and engagement with the world around them. From the Kodak Instamatic, to the Polaroid Land Camera, to the digital point and shoot, to the iPhone (mobile device) […]

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The joy of academic life

I have now been an academic staff member at USQ for some 12 years and have worked in Higher Education for some 23 years, so I suspect I can now reflect, to some degree, as to the virtues or otherwise of such a ‘privileged’ position.  The notion that an academic is a person cloistered in […]

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